LNG — sustainability on a global scale

LNG is part of the global energy system and is making a positive impact around the world. Our product is replacing higher-emitting fossil fuels, improving air quality and supporting the transition to a lower-carbon energy economy — all while providing responsive, reliable and affordable energy.

Along with reducing air pollution, our global customer base is seeking to combat challenges related to climate change. In fact, every country and region that our cargoes have been delivered to is a signatory to the Paris Agreement and has outlined measures to reduce emissions. As the largest LNG exporter in the United States, our business is a key component within the global energy transition toward a lower-carbon system that is more responsive and provides greater energy access to millions of people. We firmly believe U.S. LNG can provide a viable pathway to help our customers meet their climate and environmental goals and support the energy transition.

Our principles

We established our Climate and Sustainability Principles in 2018 as part of our long-term climate and sustainability strategy. These principles guide our efforts and help strengthen our business model in a new energy economy. Cheniere is dedicated to operating responsibly — and setting that standard moving forward.