We recognize the role we play in the global transition to cleaner, less carbon-intensive energy sources such as natural gas, and our board and management committees work to execute appropriate strategies for managing climate-related risks and opportunities.

Board oversight

We established board-level oversight of climate and sustainability issues in 2018. We update our board on these relevant issues, as well as management plans and projects implemented at least annually. The board also reviews our annual enterprise-wide risk assessment (ERA), which includes climate-related risks.

Role of management

Sustainability is crucial to our success and long-term value. In 2018, we created a dedicated climate and sustainability team and in 2019 we launched our corporate responsibility (CR) program.

Our sustainability efforts are managed by executive-level leadership. Cheniere’s senior vice president (SVP) of policy, government and public affairs (PGPA) heads our enterprise-wide climate initiatives and maintains oversight of climate-related risks. The SVP of PGPA provides periodic updates on climate and sustainability programs to executive leadership, including the CEO and the board.