The Cheniere Coastal Bend community advisory panel (CAP), created in 2018, advises Cheniere on addressing community feedback and concerns. This diverse 27-member panel was designed to support engagement with residents from nine different communities near our Corpus Christi Liquefaction facility.

Before and after: Our Corpus Christi Liquefaction facility reacted to community concerns about light intensity by making changes to reduce light pollution.

We sought to include a range of members on the panel to ensure feedback was reflective of the broader community sentiment. An independent facilitator helped ensure that participants were not just those who were supporters of the Corpus Christi Liquefaction facility. At each CAP meeting, we discuss our current operations at the facility and listen to feedback and suggestions on behalf of the community. Over the past two years, we discussed safety, construction, permitting and environmental impacts. Tours of the facility have also been made available to the panel.

We create an open atmosphere for all CAP members to feel welcome to share thoughts and concerns, and aim to develop solutions where possible. For example, when the CAP notified us that lighting at our facility was a growing concern among many of our neighbors, we retrofitted a series of lights, alleviating community concerns about the light intensity at night.

The CAP continues to serve as an effective avenue for open communication and active engagement with the community near Corpus Christi.

Over the last year, comments or questions about LNG operations have been addressed at CAP meetings. Cheniere always responds, whether good news or bad, in an honest manner, which helps develop trust. When their response involves further action, they follow through in a timely manner with a response or a solution.”

Mike Carrell
Community Advisory Panel Member