The Louisiana Chenier Plain, a natural geological feature along the Louisiana coast, inspired the name of our company. In accordance with that spirit, we respect the environment throughout our operations.

With two major facilities near the Gulf of Mexico, we operate in close proximity to areas rich in wildlife and natural resources. It isn’t odd to see an alligator on the premises or flocks of migratory birds landing on a nearby bayou or beach.

Environmental policy

Our corporate environmental policy outlines our approach to conducting business in an environmentally responsible manner and articulates the importance of compliance with applicable environmental laws and regulations — including proper permitting, construction and operation of all projects. Our policy applies to all employees, contingent workers, contractors and consultants. To put our policy into practice, we have implemented elements of an Environmental Management System (EMS) in accordance with the ISO 14001 standard.


Our operations team — with support from corporate environmental — oversees air quality, effluents and waste compliance and management. The vice president (VP) and general manager (GM) of each LNG terminal is responsible for facility-level compliance on these issues and the VP of pipeline operations is responsible for compliance at our pipelines. We conduct assurance projects, including audits, to assess compliance with external and internal obligations. Consistent with our environmental policy, we conduct regular monitoring and reporting on these issues. The SVP of operations manages environmental programs and updates the board of directors quarterly on our performance.