In the LNG business, our production units are called trains. Our corporate governance, political engagement and business ethics are informed by our core values of Teamwork, Respect, Accountability, Integrity, Nimble and Safety, or TRAINS. These values lay the tracks for informing and inspiring the work we do to provide LNG in a responsible manner.

Sustainability governance

Sustainability is crucial to our success and our long-term value. In 2018, we began formally integrating oversight of sustainability into our governance structure, establishing board-level oversight of sustainability and social-responsibility issues. We recognize the importance of managing climate-related risks and opportunities and the role we play in the global transition to cleaner, less carbon-intensive energy sources such as natural gas. This compels the board and management committees to execute and clearly articulate appropriate strategies for managing such risks and opportunities to our shareholders.

In 2018, we also created a dedicated climate and sustainability team and adopted our Climate and Sustainability Principles, which were reviewed and endorsed by the board. In 2019, we launched our CR program and created a cross-functional CR team to administer the program. The CR team includes a management-level working group and a steering committee made up of senior and executive leaders. The SVP of PGPA coordinated the approval of this report with our executive leadership and board of directors.