Aligning vision, sustainability and public action.

We align all political engagement efforts with our vision statement — to provide clean, secure and affordable energy to the world — and, where appropriate, our Climate and Sustainability Principles. We lend our LNG operational and business expertise to regulators, policymakers and the global energy industry.

Trade associations and memberships

As the leading provider of LNG in the United States, we engage with industry, trade and business associations as a matter of strategic priority. While our participation and involvement in such organizations is important, at times our official position on certain issues may differ from positions or views advocated by such organizations.

Political advocacy and lobbying

We expect employees to uphold the highest standards of ethical behavior and conduct all political advocacy activities in compliance with applicable state and federal laws as well as company policies.

Political contributions

The Cheniere Energy, Inc. political action committee (PAC) allows employees to voluntarily make contributions to support candidates or political parties in state or federal elections in the United States only, primarily in states where we operate. In the 2019 calendar year, the PAC contributed $76,800 to U.S. political parties and candidates.

Cheniere also makes direct corporate contributions. Company funds or assets used to make a political contribution must be permitted by law in the relevant jurisdiction. It is our policy that company funds or assets will not be used to make a political contribution to any political party or candidate, unless approved by a compliance officer.

Political contributions2016201720182019
Cheniere PAC political contributions$176,400$48,500$82,500$76,800
Direct corporate political contributions$22,500$1,314,673$6,000$67,500
Total political contributionsS198,900$1,363,173$88,500$144,300


Our corporate vision drives our strategy on engaging policymakers and the positions we advocate on proposed rules and legislation. We comply with regulatory standards associated with registration and reporting of our lobbying activities, which are limited to the United States only. We disclose lobbying expenses as required by Congress at the Federal Lobbying Database and by state agencies at the Texas and Louisiana state databases.