Expecting the unexpected and ready to respond.

While we never want to find ourselves in a crisis, being prepared at all times minimizes risk to our employees, contractors, communities and the environment. Our emergency response program provides enterprise-wide guidelines for emergencies such as spills, fires or extreme weather events. Dedicated on-site emergency response teams can also access corporate-level resources through the business support team (BST) for assistance as needed.

Emergency response plans

Site-specific emergency response plans (ERPs) provide step-by-step instructions for potential events that may require an emergency response at our LNG facilities, pipelines and corporate offices. ERPs undergo annual reviews to verify that they satisfy internal and regulatory requirements. Emergency response teams conduct on-site drills to simulate hurricanes, power loss, leaks and other events.

Emergency communication

We maintain an emergency alert system to communicate with personnel enterprise-wide, which includes notification to the appropriate emergency response team. Keeping our local communities safe and informed is imperative. Each site has a method for communicating with community members as needed.