This is not a drill” is the moment in any profession when experience and training is truly tested.

At Cheniere, we want to arm our operators with the skills and training they need to maximize efficiency and react appropriately if something were to ever happen.

Operations Training Simulator for control room operators. Photo credit: Honeywell

For our panel operators, we implemented an operations training simulator, or OTS, which replicates our control room and enables our operators to learn and practice their skills in a safe simulation environment. The simulator provides employees with training on plant start-up and shutdown and proper handling of abnormal situations throughout the lifecycle of plant operations. It enhances our control room teams’ abilities to operate facilities and respond to emergencies.

The OTS is the first training tool that allowed me to get hands-on training in a simulated environment. The technology that it uses realistically depicts the actions that are required to safely start up, shut down and respond to emergency and abnormal operations.”

Alex Guillory
Shift Trainer

In 2019, our employees logged 4,884 total training hours on the OTS, increasing our capacity to respond safely and effectively to emergency situations at our plants.