Because individual growth and collective success are one in the same.

Growth is rewarding both professionally and personally. It shows us who we are and what we are capable of, while guiding us towards what we can be. For us as a company, it makes sense to provide our people with all the tools and support necessary for them to succeed.

Employee development

Learning through experience
Through working with others
through formal learning modules

We leverage the 70:20:10 model for overall employee development, as we believe this offers employees the greatest opportunity for growth. We focus on 70% of learning through experience, 20% through working with others and 10% from formal learning modules.

We actively encourage our employees to take ownership of their careers and offer a number of resources to do so. We fund our employees’ external professional certifications, continuing education and professional conferences, and offer avenues for mentoring and job shadowing programs through our partnerships. We also offer leadership development, including executive coaching, university-based immersion programs, a Leadership Foundations Program and a Core Curriculum™ for all employees.

Performance reviews

Employees undergo annual performance reviews to ensure the ongoing development of their skills and expertise. The formal year-end review consists of a detailed self-assessment and manager feedback, both of which evaluate an employee’s performance against their performance goals and our values. To ensure that employees are on track for their goals each year, we encourage managers to conduct frequent informal reviews with employees.


To ensure safe, reliable and efficient operations in a highly regulated environment, we offer online and site-specific learning opportunities. Training is managed through our learning management system, Cheniere LEARN, where employees can access online courses covering topics including compliance, technical training, office productivity, project management and leadership. Our in-house trainers and assessors provide on-the-job technical training on the equipment and technologies at our facilities.